“Every night I do a little ceremony and send gratitude and prayers to my earthly guides, and to you as one of them.  But today I am writing to you to express this gratitude directly, because you have been such an important and inspirational part of my journey here…… I offer you my gratitude, my love and my appreciation…..
  I know that our work together accelerated all of this and strengthened me.  I never knew those points at the sides of my jaw that I found to be the most painful in my body during our {ancestral} breathwork – I found it recently to be the point of tension when I cry, so perhaps a point of collection of all my grief. 
I am crying still, but tears of joy, tears of appreciation and love for everything…. and tears of gratitude for you.  Thank you from my heart, from my Spirit, and blessings to you always.” ~ Zhenya – New Jersey

“I found my way to Gogo Ekhaya following a very dark time involving my daughter.  I woke up one morning to her lying on the living room floor and minimally responsive in the sense that she would laugh as I attempted to awaken her.  Following an emergency room visit, she was discharged after being deemed medically sound and could answer simple questions.  I awoke the next morning to find my daughter in a state of extreme mania.  She was in her own world and unresponsive to others around her.  She was later admitted into a behavioral health hospital where she stayed for 2 weeks.  She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder with psychotic tendencies.  I was devastated for her and for my family and completely overwhelmed by the world of mental illness.  I struggled to wrap my own mind around what was happening.  Each time I would visit my daughter during her hospitalization, she was so medicated that she could barely keep her eyes open or speak clearly.  Although she wasn’t manic anymore and she was “safe,” I now had a shell of the daughter I once knew.  

My daughter had been a strong young woman with a sweet and beautiful heart.  She had strong spiritual faith and practices. Things just didn’t make sense and I couldn’t accept what was happening. The documentary Crazywise and Gogo Ekhaya came into my awareness through my sister who “happened” to hear of it from someone who knows Gogo Ekhaya.

I took this as a sign of direction I needed to follow since I believe there are no coincidences in life.  I felt such an overwhelming sense of alignment with the concept of “spiritual emergency” explained in the documentary that I immediately reached out and scheduled a personal healing retreat for my daughter (and me).

Once I met Gogo Ekhaya in person I began to feel safe and kept my faith that she  could help.  Gogo Ekhaya confirmed that indeed my daughter did experience a spiritual opening and also that there were some energies in her body that were interfering with her behavior.  Gogo Ekhaya explained that these energies needed to be removed and balanced.  After the very first ceremony my daughter showed a marked improvement in her behavior.  It was clear to me that Gogo Ekhaya was meeting my daughter where she was and tailored her approach to best support us.  The pattern of behavior improvement continued after each ceremony and for the first time in a month I was able to have a meaningful conversation with my daughter.  Oh did my mother heart sing that night!  We are now home and recovering both individually and as a family.  My daughter still has her journey to continue as she discovers who she is with her new sense of self and level of awareness.   I personally gained a new sense of spiritual direction and awareness.  I am so very grateful for Gogo Ekhaya’s heart and passion for the work that she does.  She is truly gifted and a blessing to humanity and the world of mental illness.  Thank you Gogo Ekhaya!” ~ Erika P. – Arizona

“I spent the weekend with Gogo undergoing shamanic healing. It was an amazing, transformative experience and at the end I felt cleansed and reborn. Her kindness and guidance throughout, her accomplished spiritual presence, and her intuition led me to take the next big steps in my spiritual journey. So glad I spent the money and did this.”
Jajay – San Francisco, CA


I had never met Gogo Ekhaya and was guided to call her for a sensation in my throat. She did a session over the phone with me. She told me how to lay down and I did. During the session, she contacted my ancestors. I felt my throat changing as she did the treatment. Her healing was wonderful! Then she (my ancestors) gave me instructions that were perfect for me. I was able to follow up the next day and create that which had been prescribed.

It only took three days and the energy stuck in my throat was gone. I had been dealing with it for a month or so. I am forever grateful for Gogo Ekhaya and her healing skills.

– Karen – San Diego, CA



“I have been fortunate to have been touched by the Spirit of our divinely elevated ancestors and animal guides….The divination reading with Gogo Ekhaya Esima was an astounding confirmation of what spirit had already been speaking to me. A confirmation that helped to liberate and set me free from a fear-based state of doubt and disbelief.  Her reading of my past (both far and recent), as recent as my dream that very morning, brought me to a joyful release! Thank you Gogo Ekhaya!”

– Lisa S.   New York, NY

“You called it when you read the bones (divination). I started a new career and the legal circumstances that you spoke of actually happened. Thank you for that awesome reading!”

– Chuck R.  San Diego, CA  

“My session with Gogo Ekhaya Esima was nothing ordinary, it was mysterious and yet powerful. Her ability to channel my ancestors, family members, and soul mate relationships and those things that connect directly with the root chakra, Gogo activated an ability that was dormant and that I was afraid to open but she walked with me into a place that was foreign to me and it changed my life. She was able to give me pieces to puzzles that enabled me to cut myself off from the fear of success through this activation. After my session was over the next night I began to  dream visions of my maternal and paternal ancestors.  Amazing shifts have occured in my life and a lot has to do with this beautiful soul helping me connect back to my ancestors to recieve my spiritual inheritance!….”

– June Love  San Diego, CA




Ekhaya’s circles are therapeutic and relaxing. I find the meditation aspect to be more effective for me in this group setting rather than practicing alone.

– Caesar – New York, NY


I admired my spiritual counselor because she is very motivated to help people heal from their pain like myself. I battle with depression and anxiety throughout my childhood and currently in my adulthood. I am now 24. I’m thankful that I met her. She provided me the techniques and skills to cope with my everyday life. I love her very much as my own mother. I admire her for her work and dedication.

– Shreece B. – New York, NY

My experience with the healing circle came to me as a gradual strengthening of my bonds with both my nature and my spirituality. I found it both grounding and exciting. I was mesmerized by the healing circle’s ability to allow me to see inside myself.

– Paige – Brooklyn, NY